IJIRMF Team has summarized the list of format of Que. & Ans.
Q: How can I submit my paper?
A: Author can submit their paper in our format by mentioning full name, College name, Department, University name, E-mail ID and Contact number separately per Author on the First page of  the Paper in MS Word format to –  editor@ijirmf.com   or      Upload on  Submit online.

Q: Where can I find Manuscript (paper format) and Copyright Agreement Form? 
A: The format of Paper and Copy Right Agreement Form is in MENUS FOR AUTHOR section. ( Click to download).

Q: When will I receive an acknowledgment email for my submission?
A: Paper submissions are normally acknowledged within 2 days.

Q: How long does it take for paper review process? 
A: IJIRMF normally take 7 to 10 days for review process.

Q: What to do after receiving mail of Acceptance of paper?
A: After Acceptance of Paper Author must complete the process to fill up Copyright Agreement Form, Undertaking Form & to pay publication fees within 7 days and send both as scanned PDF  to the Editor email –   editor@ijirmf.com   / rcsjournals@gmail.com

Q: How to deposit publication fees?
A: If your paper is accepted for publication, with the acceptance mail of your paper you can deposit fees simply by going your nearly bank branch or by online transfer in our given account number. Visit publication fees section.

Q: How much do I have to pay for Publication Fees? 
A: Fees for Accepted Papers mentioned in Publication fees section.

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