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An edited volume is a collection of scholarly chapters written by different authors to present their viewpoints and experiences on a specific theme. The chapters of the edited volume being contributed by different authors undergo a peer-reviewing process to ensure the quality and finally the consistency in style and content flow is managed by the volume editor. The chapters of the edited volume should be original & unpublished works of the author.

Edited volumes can be excellent books if they are conceived thoughtfully and managed well by the editor. A successful edited volume is more than an expanded version of a thematic journal issue, but is itself a coherent intellectual project and should be considered that way from the beginning. The key focus of an edited volume is the presentation of multiple fresh perspectives on a particular subject, informed by a broad spectrum of scholarly insights and research expertise, and to work against its main vulnerability of the topic.

Volume Editor:

The editor(s) of an edited volume is responsible for determining the book’s purpose, structure, style, etc., and invites individual eligible contributors to write chapters. Selecting the contributions may involve an open call for a chapter or maybe conducted privately through colleagues and collaborators. The editor is also responsible for managing the peer-review process to ensure the quality of selected chapters and keeping the writing process on schedule. The editor may also be a chapter contributor to the volume. The editor also carries out the linguistic and substantive editing of the chapters before submitting the manuscript to us.

Editor is fully responsible to invite contributors, manage peer-reviewing, accept chapters, edit and organize the contents in view of objective of the edited volume.

Edited Volume Proposal Submission

To publish an edited volume with RCSP, the editor may submit an edited volume proposal to us. 

  1. The subject field/domain, target audience, and specific theme of the proposed volume.
  2. Proposed Title  and  approximately number of pages.
  3. Intended contributors and your strategy on inviting them for valuable contribution.
  4. A paragraph write-up on why the readers would find the book (if published) as valuable reading.
  5. Length of the book (in terms of chapters) with proposed chapter titles.
  6. The proposed time frame within which you expect to submit the book (after peer-reviewing and editing).
  7. Any other information regarding the proposal.

We value the quality of the published content and hence suggesting editors take sufficient time for reviewing and editing the book before final publication. The volume editors should prepare a well-drafted call for chapters to clarify their vision for the book that would allow the participating authors to articulate the significance of their own contributions. We encourage volume editors to select only the strongest chapters among those submitted to them.

Edited Volume  Processing Charges: 

Print Book Publication charge : ISBN (Print)  
Rs.400  to  2000 INR  /  $ 20 to 150 USD 

(Per Book –  As per number of pages and copies)

Online Book Publication charge : ISBN (O) Rs.5000  to  50000 INR  /  $ 200 to 1000 USD

(As per total number of pages).

Online Publication with   ISSN   &   DOIs  Rs.5000  to  50000 INR  /  $ 200 to 1000 USD

(As per total number of pages).