Thesis Publication / Dissertation Publication:   With  ISBN  (Print)  /  ISBN  &  DOIs  (Online)  

We publish academic thesis/dissertation as a thesis monograph with ISBN and (if online with DOIs)  which will get deposited in the thesis database. All submitted manuscripts will be internally reviewed and the author should expect a number of modifications as per the editor’s instruction.

Thesis publication is often considered essential if you wish to expand your career in academia or a related profession. Publishing your thesis/dissertation as a book monograph can be used as a building block to an academic career, to influence your discipline and expand your knowledge of the field. As a thesis, your work had a very small readership, but when you get published online it should attract a much larger readership.

Who Can Submit?

All students whose thesis / dissertation has already been approved from their institution and a degree has already been awarded based on that thesis / dissertation can submit their thesis to publish in book form as a thesis monograph. The supervisor can also submit their student’s thesis / dissertation on behalf of the student by providing the required document and student’s contact information.

 Thesis / Dissertation    Publication Steps  
Step 1 – Download Application Form, fill it with details and to us by Email.

After receiving your application, Our Publication Editor will send  Book Publishing Agreement to Author.

Step 2 –  Author / Edited Book Editor need to send  Agreement Form and Processing-Publishing Charge copy to us by Email.
Step 3 –  Our Book Editor will apply ISBN as per received details.  ISBN allotment:  approx.  3 to 6  days. (or depends on ISBN portal service of RRRNA),
Step 4 –  Author / Edited Book Editor need to send us  2 files in only editable M.S word format :-  File 1). All prior pages – Preface to Table of Contents,   File  2).  Introduction to  References, Annexure etc.  and  front cover page selected photos / images by email attachment. Authors can send own choice clear Photos/Images to add on the cover page.
Step 5 –  Manuscript / Script files Proof Reading and Setup,  Cover page preparation time with barcode :-  approx. 7 to 10 days.     Total time of publication and dispatch:-  approx. 15 to 20  days.
Step 6 –  After confirmation and observation final Book Cover and full soft copy  by  Author  Printing will be start.  (approx. 4 to 7 days)
Step 7 –  Dispatch by postal service to Author’s Address

Book soft copy submission Format & Style: 

Thesis / Dissertation  Publication  : (Hard bound cover)

Authors have to send / submit full soft copy for review and proofreading with contents and details in editable MS word file format. ( Normal page layout, Page size – A4, Font size -12, headings/sub titles – 12 Bold,  Line space – 1.15  OR  1.5 in  single column with at least  normal margin – 2.54 cm  on all sides.   Author / Edited Book Editor need to send us  2 files in only editable M.S word format :-  File 1). All prior pages – Preface to Table of Contents,   and  File  2).  Introduction to  References, Annexure etc.  

Full Soft copy in 2 Files: ( with own selection cover image/ photos )

File – 1.  (Prior Pages in editable M.S. word file format) 

  • Page 1. –  Title of the Book  and   Author’s name / Edited Book Editor’s  Designation(s), Affiliation 
  • Page 2.  Copyright Page / Publisher page ( leave it blank)
  • Page 3.  Author’s – Supervisor’s detail (Name, designation, affiliation, email id/mobile number); we may contact the supervisor for verification
  • Page 4.  Scanned copy of the thesis approval certificate.
  • Scanned copy of the degree certificate (or provisional or mark sheet if Thesis Title mentioned in the mark sheet) awarded based on the said thesis.
  • Page 5.   Preface
  • Page 6.   About the Book
  • Page 7.   Acknowledgement
  • Other pages as per author’s / book editor’s choice.
  • Table of Content page/ Index (with main headings in serial number as 1., 2., 3., …..)                     

File – 2  (Main Book contents –  all in a single file – in editable M.S. word file format)

  • Introduction   to   References,  Annexure etc.    (in continuation of page number to File 1.)

References : should be cited in the style prescribed in the publication manual of  (APA / MLA  Or any specific).

Cover page Photos/Images:  Authors/Book Editors can send us own choice of photos/images as clear .jpg/.png file in email attachment.

Figures & Tables:  Each figure, table, Equations, Images should be numbered and titled. The position of the figure or table should be indicated in the text on a separate line  at center. i.e Table 1 (title), Fig.1 (title).

Language:   We publish books in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Sanskrit Languages only.

Thesis Publication Processing Charge:

Print Book Publication charge : ISBN (Print) ( 5  book copies)  Online Book Publication charge : ISBN  & DOIs (O)   
Rs.7000 INR  /  $ 100 USD ( upto 120 pages)

Rs.8000 INR  /  $ 150 USD ( 121 to 200 pages)

Rs.9000 INR  /  $ 200 USD ( 201 to 300 pages)

Rs.10000  INR  /  $ 250 USD ( 301 to 400 pages)

Rs.7000 INR  /  $ 200 USD  ( upto 200 pages)

Rs.9000 INR /  $ 300 USD ( 201 to 300 pages)

Rs.11000 INR /  $ 400 USD ( 301 to 450 pages)

Not with Print Copy