Conference / Seminar / Symposium  Publications: 

Conference Publications refers to the type of publications that can be published as the academic conference, seminar, symposium, academic workshop, academic congress, or any other academic event.  RCSP is an internationally approved trusted conference content publisher. We publish conference papers & abstracts with Open Access with DOIs. Academic conference organizers are invited to publish their conference contents with RCSP. The basic detail of various types of conference publications are as follows :- 

Special Issue Publication   ( Conference / Seminar / Symposium  ) :

Get published in one of our journals (based on scope and conference theme). Only full length papers/articles which get selected through a rigorous peer-review process can be included.  Final inclusion in the special issue will depend on its scientific quality.  Proposal for conference issue is welcome from the conference organizers. 

Proceedings  Publication   ( Conference / Seminar / Symposium  ) :  

Get published as an edited volume with ISBN (Print)  &  ISSN Journals  with DOIs  of RCSP Proceedings Series.  All full-length papers/articles selected through a formal peer-review process can be included. 

Conference / Seminar / Symposium Abstract Book :

Conference / Seminar / Symposium book of abstracts gets published with ISBN (Print) &  ISSN Journals with DOIs which can include an abstract or extended abstract of all presented papers/articles. 

Information for Conference Organizer:

Conference organizer shall have a dedicated team (Publication Committee) to handle manuscript from submission to publication including communicating with the contributing authors and performing review process. It is very important that this team perform their tasks in an effective and efficient manner. The organizer should appoint at least 2 volume editors from their committee members who will be responsible to collect, conduct peer-review, select paper and compile in the publication template and to send us.

Conference organizers and editors are free to select their reviewers, but all reviewers must be suitably qualified experts in the field.  From Journal side can also be review all papers.

Conference / Seminar / Symposium  Publications  Charges:

Conference / Seminar / Symposium  Special Issue   :    ISBN  (Online/Print)  
Rs.400  to  1500 INR  /  $ 20 to 250 USD 

(Per Paper/Book –  As per number of pages and copies)

Conference / Seminar / Symposium  Special Issue  :    ISSN  (Online/ Print)   Rs. 500  to 2000  INR   /   $ 25 to 40 USD 

(Per paper –  As per number of authors / pages)

Conference Proceedings : ISBN  (Online/ Print) Rs.400  to  1500 INR  /  $ 20 to 250 USD 

(Per Book –  As per number of pages and copies)

Conference Proceedings :   ISSN  (Online/ Print)  Rs. 500  to 2000  INR   /   $ 25 to 40 USD 

(Per paper –  As per number of authors / pages)

Abstract Book :    ISBN  (Online/Print)   Rs.400  to  1500 INR  /  $ 20 to 250 USD 

(Per Book –  As per number of pages and copies)

Abstract Book :  ISSN  (Online/ Print)  Rs. 400  to 1500  INR   /   $ 20 to 40 USD 

(As per number of abstracts, authors / pages)

** Setup, Handling, cover design charge will be considered in printing. *In above all charges TDS/Tax will be applicable in total billing. 

Conference / Seminar / Symposium Publishing Terms :-

  • If we already agree to publish your Conference / Seminar / Symposium, please follow the  guideline carefully, which will ensure the smooth and timely publication. 
  • Conference or seminar or symposium should be organized by the academic institution, research organization or industry who have established research wing.
  • Minimum 15 papers /articles requires  for any type of publication of Conference / Seminar / Symposium. 
  • Selected paper/article should be in limit of 8 page / 4 authors,  if exceeding this limit extra charge will be applicable.
  • All selected papers/ articles must be properly setup in to our journal publication template or standard format with cited references.
  • All papers/articles should be original and plagiarism free; the similarity index shall be less than 20%.
  • Papers/Articles selected for the publication will be selected based on the merit of work through the peer-review process by the publication committee of the conference/seminar/symposium.
  • In case of small number of papers/articles, additional setup, handling, cover page design etc. charges will be applicable. 
  • The conference website/ brochure/ leaflet should not include any misleading or fake information.
  • RCSP Journals or Editors reserves all right to refuse the inclusion of any paper/article, if it does not meet the quality standard or violate our publication policy.

NOTE: Once you have gone through all basic information for publication with us, you can submit a proposal for publication to our editor’s email ID. You cannot use our Journal/Publisher name – logo on any content before the publication agreement and payment of the deposit amount.

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