(IMSEPSD – 2019)

23rd JANUARY, 2019

Bahauddin Science College, Junagadh, Gujarat, India



Sl. No.

Title of the Paper   &   Name of the Author

Paper Code Page No.
1 Effect Of Increasing Concentration Of Seawater In Soil On Growth Of Plants (Rgr,Nar,Lar) Of Wheat Crop Of Saurashtra Region  –    Rasik C. Viradia   IMSEPSD01 1-5
2 A Comparative Study of Physicochemical Characteristics of Farmland Soils of Chuda and Thangadh Taluka Territory, District: Surendranagar, Gujarat State, India  –   Dr. Rajesh Bhatt,    Dr. Jayesh Javiya,    Dr. Jitendra Parmar* IMSEPSD02 6-9
3 Eco- Friendly Synthesis And Antimicrobial Screening Of New Pyrazoline Derivatives   –  Krushnkumar L Karangiya,   Jatin J. Upadhyay IMSEPSD03 10-15
4 Synthesis And Biological Screening Of N-((2-(4-Fluorophenyl)-6-Methylh-Imidazo[1,2- Α]Pyridin-3-Yl)Methyl)-4-Arylamines    –  K.A. Joshi,    N.R. Makwana IMSEPSD04 16-21
5 Sythesis & Biological Development Of Persuasive Fluoro With Nitro Containg Pyrimidines   –     Vipul N. Joshi,  Dr. V. A. Modhavadiya,    Dr. Haresh K. Ram IMSEPSD05 22-28
6 Potential Use Of Aloe Vera Soil Microflora (Actinomycetes) For The Development Of Antimicrobial Compound  –   Ram Darshit,  Dr. Devang Pandya IMSEPSD06 29-35
7 Li-Fi Technology: Transmission Of Data Through Light  – Sapna Khatter IMSEPSD07 36-40
8 Linear Models For Leaf Area Measurement From Small Leaflets Of Multipurpose Trees Of Arid To Semi-Arid Area  –   Chandni Bhatt,  Milan Vala,   Vrinda Thaker IMSEPSD08 41-50
9 Potential Use Of DNA Barcoding For The Identification Of Some Medicinally Important Plants From Dang Forest, Gujarat, India  –  Ravi S Patel,   Amisha D. Patel   and   Manish M Jani IMSEPSD09 51-56
10 DNA Barcoding Analysis And Phylogenetic Relationship Between Some Species Of Acanthaceae Family In Girnar Region  – Dr. Manish M. Jani,    Naimish J. Babariya,    Nidhi C. Pipaliya,      IMSEPSD10 57-65
11 A Comparative study of physicochemical distinctiveness of Farmland soils of Dhangadhra and Chotila taluka territory, District: Surendranagar, Gujarat State, India  –   Dr. Jayesh Javiya,    Dr. Mukesh Chavda,    Dr. Jitendra Parmar IMSEPSD11 66-69
12 Characterization of Presence Available Potassium and Fertility Index of Indian Farmland Soil of Dhangadhra Taluka Territory, District: Surendranagar  (Gujarat)  –    Dr. Jitendra Parmar,    Dr. Jayesh Javiya,   Dr. Kailash Pancholi IMSEPSD12 70-75
13 A Characteristic study of fertile soils by means of available potash and Fertility Index of some villages of Chotila taluka territory, District: Surendranagar, Gujarat (India)  –   Dr. Kailash Pancholi,    Dr. Jitendra Parmar,   Dr. Dharti Joshi IMSEPSD13 76-80
14 Comparative study of the effect of chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers on Eisenia Foetida   –    Divya S. Patel IMSEPSD14 81-85
15 Self Electricity Generation and Energy Saving By Solar Using Programmable System on Chip (PSOC) –    Yash M. Trada IMSEPSD15 86-89
16 Study on effect of increasing concentration of NaCl on germination of seeds of cotton plant  –  Manish M. Jani1,   Jignasa B. Joshi2,   Rutva H. Dave3 IMSEPSD16 90-92

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