4th & 5th July, 2019



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Title of the Paper   &   Name of the Author

Paper Code Page No.
1 Research Methodology – Enhancing Innovative and Futuristic Practice in Nursing –     Dr. Ravindra H. N. RMEIFPN01 1-2
2 Concept of Ethics in Research – An Overview” – Dr.Niraj Pandit, RMEIFPN02 3-4
3 Understanding Quantitative Research and Mixed Methods Research – Dr. Medha Wadhwa RMEIFPN03 5-10
4 Scope and Significance of Research in Nursing Profession – Mr. Rajesh. P RMEIFPN04 11-14
5 A Road Map to Achieve and Sustain Universal Health coverage (UHC) – Mr.Adithya.S RMEIFPN05 15-17
6 Prevalence of Non-communicable Diseases among Adolescents – Mrs. Sonal Patel RMEIFPN06 18-20
7 A Travel through the IVF Revolution – Mrs. Priyanka R. Waghmare RMEIFPN07 21-22
8 Stem Cells As A Rising Archetype In Stroke – Mrs. Ekta S Patel RMEIFPN08 23-24
9 Quality of life of elderly in India: A Review  – Mrs. Ekta M. Patel RMEIFPN09 25-30
10 Mentoring: Its not what we give but what we share – Mrs. Bhoomika Patel RMEIFPN10 31-32
11 Work-Life Balance and Stress; An Overview – Mrs. Bhavisha Patel RMEIFPN11 33-35
12 Biliblanket Therapy: Treat to neonatal Jaundice & Guidelines for usage –    Mr.Dayanand Belagavi RMEIFPN12 36-37
13 NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING: A toolkit of Methods for dealing with life’s, opportunities and Challenges – Dr. Ravindra H N, RMEIFPN13 38-42
14 Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses: A guide for evidence based Nursing practice – Mr.Suresh V. RMEIFPN14 43-46
15 A Study To Assess The Knowledge And Practice Regarding Healthy Eating Among Adolescents In Selected Schools Of Vadodara. – Mr. Nirmal Raj E V., Ms. Aneri Patel, Ms. Arpita N. Patel, Ms. Arpita S. Patel, Ms. Bhargavi Patel, Ms. Charmi Patel RMEIFPN15 47-50
16 A study to evaluate the effectiveness of therapeutic play intervention on pain distraction among underfive children admitted in Dhiraj general hospital, Vadodara.- Mr. Rajesh .P RMEIFPN16 51-58
17 A study to assess the factors influencing suicidal behavior among college students at selected nursing colleges of Vadodara, with a view to develop an informational booklet.   – Mr. Suresh V., Bhoomika Patel, Tarun Parmar, Rachana Parmar, Anuja Parmar,  Devanshi Pandya, Shraddha Panchal RMEIFPN17 59-64
18 Experiences and challenges regarding breastfeeding among primi mothers of neonate: descriptive phenomenological study. – Mrs. Franny J. Immanuel, Mrs.Binal Joshi, Mrs.Franny Joel Emmanuel RMEIFPN18 65-68
19 Assess the level of anxiety among the primi pregnant mothers attending Dhiraj hospital, Vadodara. – Mrs.Vruti Patel, Ms.Kesha Patel,   Ms.Komal Patel,  Ms.Krupa Patel, Ms Meghna  Patel.,  Ms.Misha Patel, RMEIFPN19 69-72
20 A descriptive study to assess knowledge regarding protein energy malnutrition among mother of under five year children attending pediatric OPD at selected hospital Vadodara.  – Ms. Ekta S  Patel, Ms Dipika Mistry, Ms Priyanka Kolcha, Ms Jyotika Rathva, RMEIFPN20


21 Effectiveness of health teaching programme on knowledge regarding selected aspect of safe motherhood among primigravida of a selected hospital. – Mrs. Priyanka Waghmare,  Ms Rimpal Patel , Sharma Deji, Prajapati Jagruti, RMEIFPN21 78-82
22 A study to assess effectiveness of planned teaching programme on precaution while handling bio-medical waste among class-IV workers, working in Dhiraj hospital at Vadodara.  –  Mrs. Rachana Pandya,  Mr. Keshav M. Sharma, Mr. Viraj V. Vyas, Ms. Nehal J. Tadvi. RMEIFPN22


23 A study to assess knowledge regarding Ayushman Bharat Yojana among people visiting Dhiraj hospital Vadodara. Mrs. Sujitha Sureshbabu, Janvi, Ms.Shweta Bhatt, Ms.Chaitali Dodiya, Ms.Sangada RMEIFPN23


24 Assess the knowledge and attitude regarding electro convulsive therapy among family members of clients attending the psychiatric outpatient department in mental hospital Ahmedabad city – Ms.Bhavisha Patel RMEIFPN24




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