“Emerging Trends and Technologies in the area of I.T., Science, Commerce and Management”

26th and 27th February,  2020



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b. About the College & Departments 4
c. About the Conference 5
d. Messages from Invited Guests, Director/ Patron,  Convener and Organizing Secretory. 6 – 11
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1 Impact of Emotional Intelligence for Improved Work Life Balance in non-executive employees in Indian Railways, Bilaspur Zone (SECR)

Anand Kumar Choudhary,  Dr. S. Srinivas Rao

NCSCCM-001 21-27
2 The Impact of E-Commerce and Big box retailer on local retailers: A Case study of Shreeji Super Bazaar in Bhilai

Samir Jaiswal,  Dr. Seema Jaiswal

NCSCCM-002 28-30
3 A study on awareness and preference towards print media advertisements of cosmetic products in Kashmir (India)

Irshad Ahmad Bhat

NCSCCM-003 31-35
4 Stress management in the workplace

Dr.Shivangi Dwivedi

NCSCCM-004 36-39
5 A Study on most popular trend in marketing- Sales Promotion and its impact on Consumer Buying Behaviour

 Namrata Singh, Dr. (Col.) T.P.S. Kandra

NCSCCM-005 40-45
6 E-COMMERCE – New Revolution round the corner for INDIA

Dr. Vijay Karmarkar

NCSCCM-006 46-49
7 Effectiveness of human resource in information system on the role of HRM

Ms. Shradha Namdeo

NCSCCM-007 50-52
8 Emotional Labour in Service Sector – An Overview

Dr. Elizabeth George

NCSCCM-008 53-57
9 A Study of Tax Saving Instruments of Individual Tax Payers

Dr. Sunita Kshatriya

NCSCCM-009 58-61
10 M- Commerce: Opportunities And Challenges in India

 Khushboo Patel, Kundan Jangde

NCSCCM-010 62-66
11 The impact of M-COMMERCE in India

 Dr. Rincey B.Abraham

NCSCCM-011 67-72
12 Public Perception on Cashless Transactions in Bhilai

Dr. M. Madhuri Devi

NCSCCM-012 73-77
13 Optimal Precedence of Attribute Relevance to study Student’s Appraisal

Dr. Mamta Singh

NCSCCS-013 78-82
14 Image Captioning using deep learning

Mr. Dhirendra Parate,  Mr. Sushil Kumar Dubey,   Mrs. MinuChoudhary

NCSCCS-014 83-91
15 Fault Analysis of Electrical Power System using Fuzzy Logic based on Data mining

Ashok kumar Singh, Neelam Sahu

NCSCCS-015 92-100
16 The Performance Optimization & Analysis of OFDM Communication System with various modulation schemes

Mr. Jigyasu Kumar Kaushal, Dr Varsha Verma, Mr.Sanjay Mourya 

NCSCCS-016 101-110
17 Survey report on evaluation of employee performance and appraisal calculation using data mining techniques

Mrs.Pranali Ravikant Hatwar, Miss Geeteshwari Verma, Miss Janhavi Patel

NCSCCS-017 111-115
18 Data security of big data in big promises

Durgesh Kumar Kotangle

NCSCCS-018 116-119
19 A Recent Trend : Application of Interactive Data Mining in Bioinformatics

 Salma Mohd. Shafi

NCSCCS-019 120-123
20 A Review Paper in Smart Green House and Agriculture using Internet of Things (IoT)

 Mukesh Kansari

NCSCCS-020 124-128
21 Application of ICT on Student Performance: an analysis based upon ORANGE and TANAGRA

 Sumati Pathak , Neelam Sahu , Rohit Raja , Pragya Bhatt, Rama soni

NCSCCS-021 129-132
22 Appreciation of job scheduling algorithm to improve Computating performance in Grid System

Surendra Kumar Patel, Anil Kumar Sharma

NCSCCS-022 133-138
23 Security Issues on Cloud Based Internet of Things

 Jyoti Sharma , Surendra Kumar Patel ,V.K. Patle

NCSCCS-023 139-144
24 Geochemical Modeling of High Fluoride Concentration in Groundwaterusing PHREEQC – A review

 Meena Chakraborty

NCSCSC-024 145-150
25 Influence of extraction method on citric acid& nutritional benefits of citrus fruits in bhilaiarea (490006), district- durg, chhattishgarh


NCSCSC-025 151-154
26 Disease caused by microorganism due to contaminated water and theirprecautions: A Review

Nikita Mishra

NCSCSC-026 155-157
27 Impact of fluoride on glucose and its recovery by melatonin in cat fish (heteropneustes fossilis)

 Dr. Pushpa Sharma

NCSCSC-027 158-162
28 Low threshold laser

 Kirti Vishwakarma, O.P. Vishwakarma

NCSCSC-028 163-166
29 Assessment of Physiochemical parameters of Discharge pond of BEC Food Industry

 Dr.Chaitali Mathew, K.R.Jyoti

NCSCSC-029 167-170
30 “Conversion of waste in to best” a physico-chemical analysis of fly ash of captive thermal power plant of j.k. laxmi cement, ahiwara durg (C.G.)

 Dr.Pratibha Gumasta

NCSCSC-030 171-172
31 Role of pseudomonas species as biofertilizer and biocontrol agent

Niharika Dewangan, Ranjana Shrivastava,  Shirin Anwar

NCSCSC-031 173-177
32 A physico-chemical analysis of soil from industrial area of akaltara (janjgir-champa) chhatishgarh

Dr. Naresh Chandra Deshmukh, Dr. Sunita Gupta

NCSCSC-032 178-178
33 Iterated Function System in S-Metric Space

 Priyanka , S.C.Shrivastava, R.Shrivastava

NCSCSC-033 179-181
34 Studies of some free living protozoans from different ponds of Bhilai (Chhattisgarh)

 Dr Saman Siddiqui, Saroj Singh

NCSCSC-034 182-183
35 Clustered Regularly Inter spaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR/Cas9): A Review

 Preeti Verma

NCSCSC-035 184-186
36 Limitation of Contactless Credit/Debit Cards 

 Suresh Kumar Thakur

NCSCSC-036 187-190
37 Customer Perception towards Net Banking and Mobile Banking

Nidhi Goenka, Dr.S.S.Khanuja

NCSCCS-037 191-200
38 Literature Survey on Trends in Educational Data Mining

Dr. Gyanesh Shrivastava , Vivek Prakash Sahu

NCSCCM-038 201-206
39 A Survey Paper On: Security Violation & Challenges

Devendra Chaphekar, Neeraj Kumar, Nage Milan Chaphekar


NCSCCS-039 207-211

Saroj Singh,   Dr. Saman Siddiqui

NCSCSC-040 212-214
41 A Review on Agriculture and Challenges through IoT in India

Mr. Digeshwar Prasad Sahu, Mr. Mahendra Dwivedi

NCSCCS-041 215-218
42 Abstract – Stage-based Cyber Physical Systems with State-based Intrusion Detection

Shishir Kumar Sharma, Nisha Bhoi, Dr. KajalKiran Gulhare

43 Abstract – Mobility and ICT in service-learning: perspectives for a global and technological society                                             

 Thakur Devraj Singh , J Durga Prasad Rao , Om Prakash Patel


Abstract –  A Study on Technology and Innovation among Women Self –Help Groups in Raipur City                                  Gayathri

45 Abstract – Ensemble Approach for Classification of Multi-class Microarray Cancer Data –

Prem Chandrakar

46 Abstract – Antimicrobial Properties Of Green Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles

Sangita Sharma, Kaushilya Sahu and  Vaidehi Sharma


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