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Privacy Policy, Warrant  and Acknowledgement for Use of  Journals title, ISSN and Publication House :   Our publication house has not given any permission to use – ‘Publication house name’ and ‘Journals title, ISSN number and our websites links’ to use  or to add in any personal journals list website or listings of any third party’s websites, webpage, blog or any other social media page or groups etc.,  which is unauthorised as per our privacy policy, SSL, licence and registration of ISSN and ISBN.  Our administration authority had applied journals to add in some free indexing agencies portal, evaluation agencies portal,  UGC / UGC-CARE portal, ISSN portal and ISBN portal. Only authors who have published their research work in our journals can use journals titles with ISSN for their academic use, Our associated Institution /Universities/ Departments for conferences, seminars, symposiums publications can use ‘Publication House name’ and ‘Journals name with ISSN ‘for only academic purposes. Our Publication house (RCSP) management authority warn and warrant that :- No any third party or any  country’s citizen/person or professor or any researcher or student or government/private agency or group is not allowed to use our ‘Publication house name’ or ‘journals name, ISSN and our websites link’ for any type of listing on websites, web page, blog or on social media without any prior written permission from our administration and management authority.  If anyone found with unauthorised use of our Journal’s title, ISSN, website link and Publication house name on any private website, personal website, blog, webpage, it will be considered as totally unauthentic, illegal, discriminatory listing practices and it will be claimable as per the lawsuit and policy of our journal and publication house.

In present open platform of internet, some unauthorised and totally fake, fraud person / people without any knowledge and without permission of our management authority tried to add our ‘Journals name and website link in their personal – private  website blog, webpage listing that is totally a fake, unauthorised, unauthentic practices to gain personal benefit/profit or personal fame in social media to divert researchers, professors and students minds and even some of countries higher education ministry authority also follow such private-personal journals list with blind faith too.  Such journals listing makers tried to make listings only on assumption or guessed by their own mind, it clearly looks that such people are totally fake, hoax, fraud persons. Such private-personal journals list are without official permission of publishers and journals management authority and not even any countries higher education ministry’s authority.  Fact details found as such personal – private journals listing makers are totally fake and fraud persons they also hiding their identity, contact number and address on their personal listing websites, webpages, blogs or in social media platforms,  and probably they are gaining benefit from some other agencies and exploit the research community for their personal profit, fame and benefits. 

Our management authority members have cross-checked such private websites, webpages, blogs of journals lists that are totally fake, unauthorised, illegal  and diverting the minds of the researchers, professors, students and the whole research community. so we suggest to all researchers, professors, students and higher education ministry authorities, –  do not to follow any private – personal journals list websites, blogs, webpages, or social media platforms that mislead and harm the whole research community.  

Administration  Head  – IJIRMF  ( RCSP ).